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Accelerate Your Healing Process • Restore Balance to Your Mind & Body • Unleash Your Highest Potential

Unleash Your Body's Healing Potential

Energy Healing

Supported by Science • Accelerates Healing on All Levels • Confirm Results with your Doctor

Restores Inner Balance

Meridian Therapy

Applies a Healing Touch • Detoxifies the Body • Reduces Stress

Reconnect to the Grid of the Earth & Cosmic Universe

Axiotonal Grid Alignment

Accelerate your Evolution • Align with your Highest Potential

Request a Remote-Healing Session for your Pet from Home

Pet Healing

Energy Healing for your Pets & Animals!

Available for appointments in Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922.

Long-distance remote sessions available.

Mark Morillo : Healing Specialist

Mark Morillo Energy Healing Practitioner

I’m Mark Morillo and welcome to INSPIRIT: Metaphysical Healing & Wellness center.  I have been on the path of healing and personal transformation since 2007 and have started my private practice, INSPIRIT, in 2010 to make accessible to you some of the most powerful and effective forms of energy healing available.  I combine advanced, yet practical, knowledge of metaphysics and the human energy system to provide quick and often permanent results.

This is not miracle work nor faith healing.  True healing always happens within.  I cannot take credit or responsibility for your healing process.  Any succesful results you experience are entirely your own.  You can, however, greatly benefit from my my non-invasive healing services which can effectively jump-start and accelerate healing on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

I’ve seen great results in my practice with pain relief, immune system support, and neurological health.

Nearly everyone to experience my healing services have noticeable improvements in emotional and mental wellbeing.  Energy healing can help us to be more centered in our true selves, remain in our integrity, and to think and act with clarity.

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  • “Every session with Mark is calming, comfortable & effective. He's very thorough & focused on his work, and has been one of the only energy workers to give me results. He's definitely worth the time I take out of my day to see him.”
    J. L. - North Bergen, NJ
  • …everything seemed to fall into place. I felt more clarity in my life; a sense of security & confidence that I had been missing for some time. Mark helped me get to that place & feeling. He has a true talent & gift that he shares though his work. I have great gratitude for having experienced this inner happiness & peace with his guidance.
    J. - Union, NJ
  • I am very grateful for having found my way to Mark & for the benefits I have been receiving from Reconnective Healing & Acutouch. I've been more effective in handling the stresses in my life, seeing things more clearly, even maintaining better blood pressure. Thanks to Mark also for helping me & my family with his distance healing sessions, they have been truly remarkable.
    K.W., NJ
  • “I received a gift certificate from my friends for a Reconnective Healing session & it was an unbelievable experience! From the moment I walked into the room, I felt the positive energy begin to flow. Mark made me feel at ease throughout the entire process and for that reason I think I was even more receptive to the spiritual experience that I had. Mark, you are awesome!”
    S. - Elizabeth, NJ
  • I was going through a rough time, dealing with a lot of stress that was affecting me physically and emotionally. I knew that Mark had an immense gift for healing & when I heard that he was doing acutouch, I decided to see him for a session hoping that it would help me. Acutouch left me immensely relaxed & yet, at the same time, I felt physically and mentally renewed and refreshed. [...] I must say that each one has been better than the last! Mark has an incredible gift for infusing his acutouch therapy sessions with healing energy.
    A.R. - Union, NJ
  • Since receiving Reconnection Healing, I have felt like everything has slowed down to a degree which I can see & feel things developing. I feel as though people, places & things have appeared in greater clarity as to who & what they really are. I have felt a deepening connection to myself & my heart. My ability to disengage with things that don’t serve me has become easier & I feel like I don't give as much attention to negative people as I used to. I feel like I was reborn or something. It has retracted a bit, but I have been meditating which has helped me continue to feel positive & enlightened. [...] I'm not afraid & no longer have fears that used to invade my being. I would recommend you to all my friends, of which I have some that went to you and I see the changes around me. Thanks Mark.
    L. N.